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One could argue that this page should have been called "The Complete Work."

There is, you see, only one book.

But what a book!

Listen to this!

It seems to me as great a book as has yet come out of Hollywood.
                                                                                               Dan Bronson


I suppose, of course, some small-minded skeptics among you might dismiss this rave just because it comes from me.

For the Doubting Thomases out there, let me offer up the following...

What a pleasure to read. A smart, gallop-paced life story that had me smiling all the way. A classic show-business saga that is, at the same time, a compendium of contemporary American film culture.
                                                            Ron Carlson, Novelist, Director of the Creative Writing Program at UC Irvine
Few people can describe what it's like to be in the Hollywood trenches with Dan Bronson's knowledge and authority. One of the finest script readers ever to have worked for a major studio, he also has years of experience as a leading television screenwriter. Many people have told us what it is like to be on top; few how tough it is to be on the bottom, in the middle and at the various stops along the way. Dan has seen the inside and outside, the upside and downside, and writes about them all with refreshing originality, passion and verve.
                                                              Steven Galloway, Executive Editor, Features, The Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood is not for the timid, as Dan Bronson proves in his go-for-broke show business biography. His 30 year career (and still counting) takes him from the mansions of Bel Air to the gutters of Hollywood Blvd and back again. Along the way the one thing he never loses is his sense of humor. Dan's motto should be stamped on the cover of this book "Quality - whether they want it or not!"
                                                              Steve White, Film and Television Producer, former Head of Production
                                                              at American Zoetrope and New World Pictures, Former Head of Production,
                                                              Movies and Mini-Series, NBC
Pssst! Hey pal, you want to find fame and fortune writing blockbuster scripts in Hollywood? You want to hobnob with famous stars, drive a Bentley, have gorgeous young things hurling themselves at you? Do you really, really want all that? Step this way, sucker. But before you do, read Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody. Hollywood is such a glittering, glamorous place that it takes a rare individual to able to see the reality behind the lights, and an even rarer one to find hope and humor in the dust and dirt and detritus. Dan Bronson shines his special light in the dark corners and finds reasons to laugh. Take good grip on your saddle horn: this book is a wild ride.
                                                              Jameson Parker, Recovering Actor (Simon and Simon),
                                                              Working Writer (An Accidental Cowboy, The Horseman at Midnight)
Every great movie requires a great champion - someone who will stick their neck out with courage and advocate for the telling of artistic truth. This is the true story of how Dan Bronson, a moral man, became such a champion, and how he prevailed over most every dangerous species known to prowl the hottest zones of the Hollywood jungle. His authentic tales of memorable moviemaking, hard fought and won, are especially inspiring because he emerges with his humor and love of humanity intact. In truth, he has presented us with an Oscar-worthy prize of our very own - the great book you are holding in your hand.
                                                              Thomas Lee Wright, screenwriter (New Jack City) and documentary                                                               filmmaker (Eight-Tray Gangster: The Making of a Crip)
Dan Bronson's account of his career in Hollywood is as bizarre and entertaining as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, and the Cheshire Cat have nothing on Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Tory Spelling, director John McTiernan, studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, and the many, many others whose antics behind the camera fill the pages of this fun, funny book. Like cotton candy, it gets you high, but there are lots of hidden calories as well as real meat in this story, which is both a cautionary tale and a survivor's guide to the business. A must-read for film students and anyone with any interest at all in what lies beneath the tinsel of our town.
                                                              Cathleen Young, Executive Director, Humanitas Prize

The verdict is in.

Confessions is the Godzilla of Hollywood memoirs!

And it can be yours, in either print or e-format, for a paltry sum.

Click here to ride the cyber-highway to Amazon, where you can buy the book, step through the looking glass, and experience the wonders of my world.